These straps are made from 100% recyclable thermoplastic materials, and are manufactured in every step with style, durability, and quality in mind. Each strap is cut to a standard 135cm (45''), which makes for a one size fits all approach. That’s right! All you have to do is measure, cut, clamp the HUCK and you've got a perfect fit! Custom is the word that rings continually in our heads when thinking about the HuckStrap, and custom is what you will get. Over 600 combinations in our  lineup.





Throughout the entire process of bringing the HUCKSTRAP to life we have contested that to call it a belt would be undermining its uniqueness, and to call this a buckle would be equally unfair.

So meet the HUCK: a proprietary blend of custom style and recyclable quality! The HUCKS are also made from 100% recyclable poly-carbonate materials and offered as a separate statement piece easily adapted to ANY STRAP with a simple clamp. 









The unique value of this product is not only that it's sustainable, recycled, and high quality. The ability to mix and match makes this product an incredible addition to any wardrobe. We give you you the opportunity to express yourself and decide just how bold you want to be with these colors, and also provide simple, classic, conservative options as well. We love to see what combinations people like to wear, so please email us photos, post them on our Facebook, Tweet them,  or instagram them to us! @huckstraps
We look forward to seeing all of you wearing these, being awesome, and representing the HUCKSTRAPS way of life!! Send your pictures to us on Facebook, twitter, or Instagram!